USA’s Sabine Schut-Kery and Sanceo Maintain Momentum to Win the FEI Grand Prix Special CDI5*

Feb 27, 2021 - 7:28 PM

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Wellington, FL – February 27, 2021 – Week 7 of the Adequan® Global Dressage Festival (AGDF) continued on Saturday, February 27, with a second victory for the USA’s Sabine Schut-Kery and Sanceo, this time in the FEI Grand Prix Special CDI5*, presented by Palm Beach Equine Clinic. The week concludes on Sunday, February 28, and the circuit hosts 10 weeks of international and national dressage competition until April 4. Free live streaming and on-demand of select classes are available to view at

Sabine Schut-Kery and Sanceo ©SusanStickle

Schut-Kery and Sanceo, Alice Womble’s 2006 Hanoverian stallion by San Remo, marked their highest Grand Prix Special score to date, earning a 77.468%, more than four points higher than second place finisher Lindsay Kellock (CAN).

“I feel so much joy and have happy tears,” began Schut-Kery. “It’s very emotional. Aside from those feelings, to ride the test, you are focused in there of course, but it’s also joyful. It’s an amazing feeling to have an animal like that to respond to you in there with such small aids and cues. That amazing feeling is still there for me after 30-plus years, how we can communicate with an animal like that.”

Click to watch the winning ride! ©Richard’s Equine Video

The personal best score for the pair comes after a successful win on Thursday in the Grand Prix CDI5*, and Schut-Kery noted her appreciation for the team that supports the duo and has helped them get to this point.

“During the awards,” Schut-Kery explained, “I thought, ‘My gosh, there are so many people on my team, and I want to thank the ones behind me that keep a horse at that level.’ The coaches, vets, farriers, grooms, and the owners of course. When you have such a nice ride, one that you’ve been working up to, those are the things that go through your head.”

Sabine Schut-Kery and Sanceo in their awards ceremony with judge Peter Storr and Dr. Marilyn Connor of Palm Beach Equine Clinic. ©SusanStickle

Schut-Kery noted that though Thursday welcomed a victory, it wasn’t her favorite performance, and she was happy that she was able to stick to her plan to really ace the Grand Prix Special. She said, “How many times in your life do you have a plan and you hope you can stick to it, but it doesn’t go right? This really feels like it all went to plan today. My goal was the special. I did it a week before in the National show to prepare because we had been out of the ring since November, so today was nice. Thursday was a little disappointing on my part as a rider, so it’s nice that today it worked out so well. It’s one of those special moments, and I know that I will always have to work hard for it, but it’s a moment of joy.”

Kellock and Sebastien, Enterprise Farm Equestrian LLC and Lindsay Kellock’s 2006 Rheinlander gelding by Sandro Hit, captured second place after riding to a 73.234%.

Lindsay Kellock and Sebastien, Enterprise Farm Equestrian LLC, and Lindsay Kellock’s 2006 Rheinlander gelding by Sandro Hit, captured second place after riding to a 73.234%. ©SusanStickle

“I had a great feeling today in this test,” Kellock noted. “Each time my horse goes in there I feel him get more and more confident in that ring, which then gives me the confidence to give him bigger aids or ask him to do more and be more expressive. As a rider, to feel him go in there and feel confident has really helped me ride a better test.”

The pair has been working their way up in scoring throughout the season, and Kellock commented that she was particularly proud of her mount in what is only his second year competing at the International Grand Prix level.

“Today he gave me everything and more than I was asking,” continued Kellock. “I felt like I could push his passage way more than normal, and he still came into that piaffe transition well. Normally that is a little bit difficult because he has such a big passage. I’m just happy with how it’s all come together over the last year. Having this year for training has been big. This is only his second year at international grand prix so I’m really thrilled with where he is, and I just hope he can keep getting better.”

Adrienne Lyle (USA) rounded out the top three with Harmony’s Duval, Duval Partners LLC’s 2008 KWPN gelding by Rosseau, earning a 73.149%. Lyle said: “I was happy with today’s ride. I thought we had improvement from the Grand Prix. He had a little bit more power, a little bit more engagement. With that, unfortunately, I lost a little bit of control in the one [tempis], and we had a costly mistake there. Overall, I thought the quality of the piaffe/passage was better today and more characteristic of what he was capable of.”

Adrienne Lyle (USA) rounded out the top three with Harmony’s Duval, Duval Partners LLC’s 2008 KWPN gelding by Rosseau, earning a 73.149%. ©SusanStickle

Lyle also took a moment to congratulate Schut-Kery, stating, “I also have to say what fun it was to watch Sabine’s amazing ride and watching those scores climb higher and higher to the point we know we’re all trying to get the U.S. riders to. That made me cry on the sideline. It was so beautiful. That was my highlight of the day.”

Dr. Marilyn Connor represented FEI Grand Prix Special CDI5* sponsor Palm Beach Equine Clinic and concluded, “It’s a really special thing for us as a veterinary practice that we get to be a part of the Adequan® Global Dressage Festival. We sponsor the whole festival, but this class was a real honor for us to support and give back to the equestrian community that we are a part of as veterinarians and support the sport at such a high level.”

Earlier in the day, Canada’s Pia Fortmuller topped the FEI Intermediaire A CDI3* with Frieda, Lars Busch and Pia Fortmuller’s 2011 Hanoverian mare by Furstenball OLD, with 71.176%.

Pia Fortmuller and Frieda in their awards ceremony with judge Michael Osinski and Caitlin Lane of AGDF. ©SusanStickle

In the FEI Intermediaire I CDI1*, Steffen Peters (USA) took home another victory with Boreas FRF, a 2012 Oldenburg stallion by Bordeaux, owned by Five Rings Farm, with 73.206%. Peters also took second with Boston Strong, a 2010 Oldenburg gelding by Bordeaux owned by Christina Vinios, with a score of 70.794%. Third place went Eliane Cordia Van Reesema (USA) and Fellow, her own 2010 KWPN gelding by Amazing Star, scoring 69.559%.

Steffen Peters and Boreas FSF in their awards ceremony with Caitlin Lane of AGDF and judge Michael Osinski. ©SusanStickle

Competition at AGDF 7 will conclude tomorrow with a full schedule of classes, including the FEI Intermediaire II CDI3* and the FEI Intermediaire I Freestyle CDI3*, presented by Donato Farms, before the FEI Grand Prix Special CDI3*, presented by Hygain Feeds beginning at 11:10 a.m. For more information and to see a full list of results, visit

Final Results FEI Grand Prix Special CDI5*, presented by Palm Beach Equine Clinic:

Place, rider, nationality, horse, horse information: judge E%, judge H%, judge C%, judge M%, judge B%; final score

E, Agnieszka Majewska (POL); H, Michael Osinski (USA); C, Peter Storr (GBR); M, Cesar Torrente (COL); B, Christoph Umbach (LUX)

1. Sabine Schut-Kery (USA) on Sanceo, Alice Womble’s 2006 Hanoverian stallion by San Remo: 76.489, 76.489, 79.149, 76.383, 78.830; 77.468%

2. Lindsay Kellock (CAN) on Sebastien, Enterprise Farm Equestrian LLC, and Lindsay Kellock’s 2006 Rheinlander gelding by Sandro Hit: 72.766, 73.085, 74.468, 72.340, 73.511; 73.234%

3. Adrienne Lyle (USA) on Harmony’s Duval, Duval Partners LLC’s 2008 KWPN gelding by Rosseau: 74.681, 72.234, 72.766, 70.745, 75.319; 73.149%

4. Charlotte Jorst (USA) on Kastel’s Nintendo, Kastel Denmark’s 2003 KWPN stallion by Negro: 71.915, 72.021, 74.574, 72.234, 74.362; 73.021%

5. Christoph Koschel (GER) on Eaton Unitechno, Unitechno, Inc’s 2009 KWPN gelding by Wynton: 71.277, 70.426, 71.915, 71.915, 75.532; 72.213%

6. Naima Moreira Laliberté (CAN) on Statesman, KML Inc’s 2007 Hanoverian stallion by Sandro Hit: 68.191, 68.617, 71.596, 69.681, 67.553; 69.128%

7. Catherine Haddad-Staller (USA) on Frankie, her own 2009 Hanoverian mare by Florencio 2: 69.787, 68.617, 69.043, 68.936, 68.298; 68.936%

8. Jill Irving (CAN) on Arthur, Windhaven’s 2005 KWPN gelding by Jazz: 69.149, 68.723, 66.489, 69.468, 69.149; 68.596%

9.Chris Von Martels (CAN) on Eclips, Barbara Soederhuizen and Chirs Von Martels 2009 KWPN gelding by Apache: 66.596, 65.851, 65.638, 65.213, 65.319; 65.723%


Photo credit: © SusanStickle. These images may only be used in relation to this press release and with credit.

Video Credit: ©Richard’s Equine Video


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